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5 Ways Smart Thermostats Will Save You Money in 2022

by Ann Ferguson

Have you wondered whether a smart thermostat was worth the investment? You can program a regular thermostat to an energy-serving schedule, so can you actually save more with a smart thermostat?

The short answer is, yes, you can. With a smart thermostat, you have more opportunities to save energy. This is important since heating your home accounts for 41 to 63 percent of your total energy bill — that's basically half!

In fact, with a smart thermostat, you can reduce your energy bill by 12 to 23 percent, depending on the model. How does that work? We'll tell you!

1. Customizable Features

Finger adjusting smart panel

With a smart thermostat, you'll have a variety of control mechanisms at your disposal. Using adaptable times and room-specific settings, you'll have more control over every aspect of your home's energy. So, you'll have control over how much energy you're using at any given point.

You can even improve how much you save by having separate thermostats for different floors, giving you granular control over which rooms to heat. This way, you can keep your bedroom at the optimum temperature and keep that unused guest bedroom at a low temperature and not waste any energy.

2. Knows What You Need

Hands holding a tablet with thermostat info

One aspect that sets smart thermostats apart from regular thermostats is the ability to learn your behavior. The smart technology in these thermostats works is by knowing when you're home or away and adjusting your settings accordingly. So, even if you input a schedule, you don't have to always stick to it to get great results.

You'll even receive tailored notifications asking to readjust your settings according to the new data it processes, so your home always operates at the ideal temperature.

3. Smart Technology Tracking

Woman holding tablet

Speaking of smart technology, another benefit smart thermostats provide is their tracking capability, which translates to more energy savings. With the monthly energy reports you receive from your thermostat, you can easily see where you're using the most energy. And since these things have high-powered brains, you'll also receive personalized recommendations on how to improve your energy savings.

4. Remote Access

Hands holding phone with smart app

The most significant benefit smart thermostats provide is remote access. With most smart thermostats, you'll be able to access and adjust settings from your smartphone, so long as you have the compatible app. This app lets you see if the AC is running when no one is home and turn it off remotely. No more wasted energy!

Since most smart thermostats are also Wi-Fi compatible, you can even monitor or control your thermostat from other devices hooked up to the same home internet network. So, if you left your phone in another room but you're using your laptop, home computer, or tablet, you can access everything right away!

5. Easy-to-Use Settings

Woman smiling in front of smart panel

You might not think it, but having simple, easy controls is one of the ways you can save more energy. If you've ever used a regular thermostat, you know that programming it to a schedule takes a lot of work — so much work that you don't want to go back and adjust it if you can help it.

But with a smart thermostat, you'll have a simple touchscreen with options you can clearly read and understand. With these controls, you won't have to spend all day setting up your thermostat and finding the optimal settings for your home. You can start saving energy right away!

Ready to Save?

When it comes to smart thermostats, the energy savings you'll have will vary home by home. If you live in an area with high energy rates, you'll save more money, and if you live in a colder climate, you save more energy by lowering the temperatures during the day or night. But no matter what your setup is, you can count on a smart thermostat to bring you the savings you need.

Ready to start saving with a new smart thermostat? Take a look at our online catalog or stop by your local Good Sounds. If you have any questions about smart homes, please call our experts — we're happy to help!