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How Video Analytics Improve Your Smart Home Security System

by Ann Ferguson

Smart home security systems are more popular than ever — everyone wants the ease and convenience of real-time surveillance, alerts, and triggered automation. But what if we told you these systems could get even better? It's possible with video analytics!

With the evolution of smart home security, the need for cool tech like facial recognition and intelligent motion detection rose — and delivered! Now, not only can you keep track of your home, but it'll keep track of itself too. But how? We'll go over just how much video analytics are a home security game-changer!

What Are Video Analytics

Closeup of someone talking to delivery person through home security app

Video analytics goes beyond traditional surveillance, with cameras monitoring and recording at specific locations. Instead, video analytics uses software-based technology to distinguish between animals, humans, and cars. And it also includes advanced features like virtual tripwires and activity zones that you can use to trigger specific actions and alerts!

Benefits of Video Analytics

Security video snapshot of burglar entering the home

Video analytics change the landscape of home security and provides multiple benefits. For instance, video analytics are intelligent enough to detect specific object movements like delivery trucks in the front driveway, family pets, and potential intruders.

These analytics can also detect false alarms from noise-triggering movements like car alarms or leaf blowers while detecting the direction and duration of these movements. But the best benefits are that they save memory because they only record necessary footage, which negates the need to comb through hours and hours of surveillance!

Types of Video Analytics

Video capture of a potential intruder

How you'll benefit from video analytics depends on the type of your security system features!

  • Fixed Algorithm searches for identifiable behavior and sends alerts when said behavior is detected, like someone lingering around the front door or the fence too long.
  • Motion Detection is more than your average motion sensor — only activates and reconds when actual movement occurs, learns what typical activity looks like in the area, and flags unusual motion without prompting — no more false alarms caused by animals!
  • Artificial Intelligence Learning Algorithms connect with your home's cameras, learn the environment surrounding each one, know what typical activity is normal for the area, and send alerts when it sees anomalies.
  • Facial Recognition identifies anyone who's in your database and alerts you when it detects someone who isn't in the database is at your house.
  • License Plate Recognition can detect a license plate even in bad lighting and poor weather!
  • Camera Tamper Detection will instantly alert you if it senses someone tampering with any surveillance equipment.

With these features, you'll instantly be alerted when strange cars are present if an object has been removed or moved, and even detect breaking glass!

Pro Tip: If you're interested in any particular feature, contact our team, and we'll review your video analytic options!

Video Storage & Data Processing

The advantage of video analytics can't be ignored, but you might think it involves processing and saving a ton of data — and you'd be right. But thankfully, video analytics can work with more than just the cloud; it also works with Edge AI computing!

This distributed method stores and processes data at the edge of a given network, typically on the device itself, which is more cost-efficient, time-saving, and better ensures your data privacy! It even creates high-speed response times that are essential for IoT devices!

How to Use Video Analytics

Woman receives alert for delivery to her front door in real time as she works from home

All this great tech can only benefit you and your home, but what does using it look like? We'll tell you! You can:

  • Get an alert whenever a strange car that doesn't belong on your block is close to your home.
  • Heighten trigger alerts during the daytime when no one is home for extra security.
  • Trigger alerts complete with a video showing when each person gets home to see they're safely home.
  • Create virtual tripwires in your driveway, pathway, sidewalk, or gate, and receive instant notifications and a video clip of who or what crosses the boundary.
  • Set up a geofence in the backyard and get alerts with video for whenever your pets leave the designated area — no more Houdini attempts from the dog!
  • After dark, trigger the lights to turn on and either loud music or the sound of dogs barking once the system detects a stranger.
  • Receive alerts if an object or person lingers too long on the porch (avoid porch pirates!).
  • Instantly send more advanced data and video to first responders in case of an emergency like a burglary or fire!

Safe & Sound!

As you can see, video analytics will only strengthen your smart home security system, so why wait? Come talk to our team at Good Sounds! We'll go over your security concerns and set up the system that best serves your home security and home automation needs!

The sooner we can get your consultation appointment set up, the sooner we can help you get started!