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5 Reasons Why You Need Smart Shades for the Winter

by Ann Ferguson

Keeping warm in the winter is a big undertaking, especially if you live where cold means freezing. Those lower temperatures make it harder and harder to keep any heat in the house and will strain your HVAC system and energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homes lose about 30 percent of energy (aka warmth!) through the windows. That's a lot! But with smart shades, that changes.

How? We'll show you why smart shades are a must-have for the winter!

1. Temperature Control

Woman covered in blanket and feeling cold in home

Uncovered windows will chill a home fast, making it nearly impossible to keep your home heated. However, when you add smart shades to your windows, they insulate your space, trapping the air inside to keep it warm. And smart shades don't just block out cold air; they also create an additional layer of insulation on windows by sealing off any gaps between the window sash and frame.

This helps keep heat in, even in extreme weather temperatures. Plus, smart shades come with energy-efficient liners that can reduce heat loss by up to 25 percent. That's like adding an extra blanket over your windows!

Pro Tip: Cellular shades or honeycomb shades, further increase insulation by trapping air in individual cells. The more cells inside the honeycomb, the more insulation you'll have!

2. Automated Control

Woman controlling smart shades

No more having to fiddle with cords or remotes — smart shades are designed to adjust automatically when they sense the temperature is too low. They use hembar alignment to move in unison, so you don't have to keep track of every window and ensure that each is covered when needed.

Instead, from your smart device, you can schedule and coordinate with other smart tech (like your smart thermostat) to keep your home running at optimum temperatures. You can also program your shades to stay up when certain rooms get the most sunlight and naturally heat your home that way.

3. Energy Savings

Smart shades are an energy-efficient way of keeping your home warm, reducing strain on your smart thermostat, and helping save money on your energy bill. By coordinating with your smart thermostat and sunlight sensors, you can limit how often your HVAC systems come on and keep the heat inside. This means less energy is used overall — meaning more warmth for you and your wallet!

4. Smart Integration

Smart device with access to whole smart system

One of the best ways smart shades are helpful in the winter is how they integrate with the rest of your smart home system. We're talking signals from your smart thermostat, sunlight sensors, automatic light triggers, and even home security integration. You can program your shades to go down when the sunlight sensors no longer detect light and trigger your smart lights to brighten automatically so you can see better.

Pro Tip: The best way to keep your whole smart home system running smoothly (including your shades) is by having your local integrator set up everything you need!

5. Security Benefits

Smart shades not only help maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter months but their automated opening and closing will make it look like someone is always home. This is especially important if you plan a winter vacation — smart shades ensure that no one knows whether you are in or out of town. That security alone makes smart shades an easy must-have for any season!

And through your smart security system and geo-fencing, you can set it up so that your blinds automatically shut when people leave the house and open when someone returns!

Keep Warm

Smart shades lower making it seem like someone is home

Wintertime brings lower temperatures, higher energy costs, and more strain on your smart thermostat. But smart shades make it easier to keep your home warm and comfortable, so you stay warm through those long winter nights. And Good Sounds is just the place to get your smart plan in motion!

So don't wait; contact us today, and we'll get you started with a consultation appointment to get those smart shades ready for wintertime!