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Smart Automation: How Smart Office Solutions Can Benefit Your Work Life

by Ann Ferguson

Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate more things in your life — like your work life? Actually, you can! There are plenty of smart office solutions that make each day more efficient, so you have less work stress!

But what is a smart office? It's a high-tech hybrid workplace with automated services that improve productivity. And the beauty of it is that it doesn't matter if you work from home or in the office — smart office solutions can benefit anyone!

What type of smart office solutions can help you? Let's take a look!

Benefits of Smart Office Solutions

Luxury home office space

Before we go into the types of smart office solutions, knowing how you'll benefit from them is essential. When you work from home, automating your workspace makes it easier to tailor your work area to your exact needs so that you can be more productive. In the office, smart office solutions can:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Make tasks more efficient.
  • Create a better collaborative environment.
  • Increase security with WiFi sensors and video monitoring.
  • Save time when scheduling meetings, managing meeting rooms, and overseeing calendars.
  • Sharing and accessing data is more straightforward, which makes collaborating a breeze.
  • Reduce operation costs by controlling the lighting, temperature, and more.

Video Monitoring

Now that you know the benefits of automating your office, let's review some key solutions you can't pass up. Smart video monitoring is a must at home or in the office. You can help prevent theft, monitor different locations from a single source, and more with video monitoring.

  • In Office: Video monitoring provides general security and analysis of your work environment, making it easier to see areas of improvement.
  • At Home: You'll have a better overview of what's happening at home while you're working, like if the kiddos are doing their homework if the pets are behaving, or see when you get deliveries.

Pro Tip: Combine video monitoring with a smart security system to increase your security and have the option of professional monitoring services!

Smart Climate Control

Comfort is essential for working environments — and smart climate control systems provide just that! By automating temperature regulation, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your office or home, which will only benefit your productivity.

  • In Office: Smart climate control detects people's preferences and usage patterns to regulate temperature and keep battles over the thermostat to a minimum (especially if each work zone has its own climate-controlled system!).
  • At Home: Keep your home office temperature comfy to your specific needs. And if you're the only one at home, you can adjust it, so the climate control is focused on your office space and not the entire house, so you can save energy!

Lighting Control

Smart office with darkened lights to mimic the time outside

Along with climate control, smart lighting goes a long way to ensuring everyone's comfort. These control systems allow you to adjust the amount of light in the room according to your preferences. You can even use circadian lighting (or human-centric lighting), which mimics natural light throughout the day as you work and help keep your sleep-wake cycle balanced!

So, if you feel like the lack of natural light contributes to work fatigue, don't worry — with this circadian lighting on your smart network, you can make a big difference in the overall health of you and your employees! Whether you work at home or in the office, you can only benefit from giving your lights a smart boost.

Pro Tip: Add smart shades to your office space for better lighting control and save on energy costs!

Voice Control

Voice control makes it easier to control your surroundings. Instead of being chained to your smart devices, you can use voice commands, so you use your time more efficiently!

  • In Office: use voice control to help book conference rooms, start a phone call, send an email, and get reminders throughout the day — no more piles of sticky notes and notebooks containing all your things!
  • At Home: you can expand on the in-office benefits by connecting to your entire smart home system, like controlling the temperature, lights, shades, sound (mood music is a great motivator), and your security system!

Smart Entry

Woman using smartphone to access the office

Another must-have smart office solution is using smart entry technology. This smart solution ensures greater security by providing easier yet more secure access to the office building. It helps record who enters and leaves the facility so you can monitor activity more closely.

  • In Office: Use mobile credentials to access the office, grant access to non-employees when needed easier, and you'll have fewer calls of people getting locked out or triggering the alarm! Now you can do away with all those key fobs!
  • At Home: With similar techs like smart door locks and smart doorbells, you can see who's coming to the door, keep an eye on your deliveries, and get rid of keys! You can use specialized codes, your smartphone, smartwatch, or geofencing to lock or unlock your front door, AND you can create custom codes for each person in your home to see who's coming and going!

Smart Conference Rooms

Conference room with smart panel just beside the door

Smart conference rooms are becoming increasingly popular due to their better oversight of all meetings. With smart conference systems, it's easier to book meeting spaces, share information and documents with participants, and keep track of who attended the meetings.

These smart conference rooms even integrate other software, so you can order catering and send alerts from the conference room. These can even help automate visitor check-ins and provide directions to where they need to go.

Smart Desks

You might not know this, but smart desks are a thing — they work like smart conference rooms, but it's just a desk. Smart desks are ideal for hot desking — the practice where multiple people use a single desk at different times. This smart solution makes it easy for teams to collaborate on ideas while providing each person with an ergonomic workspace they can use anytime they need.

  • In Office: Keeps track of who reserved the space, finds employees in different parts of the building, monitors shared office space, helps you find any open task for the day, and makes it easier to find available desks when you need to work on a task.
  • At Home: With a smart desk, sharing your office space with another person (like your significant other) is easier. These come with alerts, presets, easy-to-use controls, and standing capabilities so you work more efficiently and are not always in a sedentary position.

Work Smart!

Concept of high-tech office space working efficiently

With these smart office solutions in mind, your workdays will become much easier and more productive! So, if you're ready to automate your office space, Good Sounds has you covered! Our expertise means that you don't have to worry about setups, installs, or anything — we make it work for you!

Don't hesitate to get started; call us for an appointment today!