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3 Features of A Smart Office That Will Transform Your Workflow [+1 Bonus]

by Reyna Thomas

Smart home automation is supporting an increasing number of homeowners in making their lives easier. But did you know that smart technology and automation can also help your business run more smoothly? Commercial automation can easily enhance the efficiency and productivity of your workplace.

In this blog, we'll go over what commercial automation technologies you can use to streamline your workflow in the office or at home! The first thing you want to do is to think about everything in your office that could become more useful using technology. Then explore your options!

Voice Control

Voice control is typically thought of as a luxury item for the home. It serves as a personal assistant for completing basic household activities. But, it can also translate well into business use!  Here's how:

Individual Offices: Spoken control devices make it simple to alter the temperature and lights, take notes, ask for an online search, and make phone calls with a single voice command. There's no need to waste time switching tasks and risk losing concentration.

Conference Rooms: Let's imagine you're in charge of a meeting that includes several technology devices such as laptops, projectors, lighting control systems, and possibly more.

If your business automation has voice control, you can adjust the lights and start your presentation with a simple voice command. With this technology handling the heavy lifting, you can concentrate on making a great first impression, no problem. Just imagine the effect when the lights go out, and the presentation begins at your command!

woman working at home talks to virtual assistant

Climate And Lighting Control

In an office space, there are always some people who prefer it cold, while others prefer it warmer. It can be difficult for businesses to please each employee. But, thanks to smart technology, it's now a lot easier. Employees can now manage the temperature in the office, saving money and energy.

Intelligent climate control systems recognize user preferences and usage patterns and adjust the temperature as needed. Employees can use their web browsers and smartphone apps to control smart thermostats, so they don't have to leave their work zones.

Similarly, with a single tap on the screen, you can operate windows, doors, and lights. If you work from home and merely want to change the temperature of the room you're in, this is ideal.

smart control system in office

Smart Devices

One of the most significant advantages of switching to smart home technology is the ability to remotely manage an electrical device or appliance from your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, smart speaker, or computer — from nearly anywhere. Even if you have a standard lamp, fan, or other non-smart equipment, you can easily and inexpensively convert it to a smart device by plugging it into a smart plug.

Smart plugs, as you'll see, are both inexpensive and simple to use. When you plug something into one of these adapters, you can control it with voice commands through a digital assistant.

woman communicating virtually in home office

Motorized Shades

Did you know you can streamline your window shades? You can use motorized shading to darken the space for a presentation or meeting if your boardroom or home office has a lot of windows and natural light. Shades can also be used to ensure privacy for meetings involving sensitive company information.

In other circumstances, you can be having a meeting and want as much natural light as possible to illuminate the space. With a simple press of a button, you can open or close the shades as needed.

This is especially handy if your schedule includes many presentations and meetings that are close together. You won't even have to bother about getting up and manually adjusting the shades at the start or during the meeting. But you don’t have to limit smart shades to your conference rooms; you can also use them throughout your office space to let in more natural light as needed!

man working from computer in home office

Ultimately, it is because of this dependability that automation is such an essential element of your work success, whether at home or in the office. Whereas regular working days may be disrupted, automation is unaffected.

In times of change or interruption, smart automation solutions will keep your organization running smoothly. To get started on your office automation, contact Good Sounds today for a consultation! We're ready to help you take your business solution to the next level!