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Turn Your Backyard into a Smart Oasis: The Benefits of Pool Automation

by Ann Ferguson

Imagine this: your home is so smart it can prepare your pool and spa just as you like it. But guess what? You don't need to imagine anymore — you can do it by automating your pool and spa! Automation can go beyond controlling your home's lights and temperature; it can even reach your backyard!

More and more people are jumping into the pool of automation (pun intended). But what does this look like? How can you make your pool a part of your smart home system? We'll show you!

What is Pool Automation

Concept image of someone controlling the pool through a smart device panel

Pool automation? Sounds fancy, right? But let's break it down. Essentially, pool automation is your pool's personal assistant. It's a system that connects all your pool equipment to a central control hub.

With pool automation, you can easily schedule and control your pool's pump, filter, sanitizer, cleaner, heater, lights, and even cool water features around the pool. And the best part? All this happens at the touch of a button. Talk about making a splash with technology!

How Does it Work

Alright, let's dive into how this magic happens. Much like the rest of your smart home, the heartbeat of pool automation is the control system, which is a remote control for your entire pool area. This control system is connected to all the pool equipment and gadgets you want to automate.

You can set schedules for your pool pump to run, adjust the heater temperature, or even switch on your pool lights for a late-night swim, all without leaving your comfy chair. It's like having a personal pool butler without the tuxedo!

Pro Tip: While you can automate your pool without a smart system, you won't get all the benefits of a fully automated pool system integrated into your smart home!

Benefits of a Smart Pool

Luxury pool at night with dim lights and waterfall running

As you know, home automation brings endless convenience and efficiency — but does that also apply to your smart pool? It sure does! Instead of spending countless hours doing pool maintenance, you can leave it to your pool automation to take care of things, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool.

And since you can control your pool from your phone, anytime, anywhere, it doesn't matter if you forget to turn off the lights — with just a few taps, you can turn them off and conserve energy! There's very little you won't be able to do with an automated pool system!

Components of an Automated Pool System

Luxury pool indoors with waterfalls and a home bar

When you think of an automated pool system, it's essential to understand the components that make it up. Each component plays a crucial role in making your pool not only functional but also enjoyable and convenient to use.

  • Pool Automation Controller: The "brain" of the system, allowing for remote control of pool features from a smartphone app.
  • Smart Pool Pump and Filter System: Ensures water circulation and filtration with remote monitoring and adjustment capabilities.
  • Heating & Cooling System: Regulates pool water temperature for comfort in any weather.
  • Pool Lighting: Includes sensors (both UV & motion) for automatic activation and color-changing LED options for ambiance.
  • Spa/Hot Tub Connection: Enables activation of spa jets and bubbles, enhancing relaxation through your smart device.
  • Fire & Water Features: Controlled by the system for simultaneous activation with other pool settings, adding aesthetic value (e.g., turning the fire pit on and starting the waterfall).
  • Landscape Lighting: Provides adjustable illumination around the pool area and can be synced with your interior pool and hot tub lights.
  • Music Control: An integrated outdoor speaker system for mood-setting music can be controlled and set up through your home automation system.

As you can see, several components go into your smart pool and spa, so planning ahead is essential! The sooner you have an idea of what you need, like the lights, outdoor speakers, and other equipment that requires underground wiring, let our experts know!

Pro Tip: If you're thinking of an indoor pool, let us know when you build or remodel your home so we can get the wiring in and give you more options!

Cool Things You Can Do

Luxury pool with spa, slide, and waterfall

With a smart pool system, you go beyond the basic luxury of swimming in your backyard and relaxing in the hot tub — you take luxury to the next level! You can customize and name various settings by creating scenes or themes for your convenience. Once you program a theme, it'll adjust multiple features with a single cue, whether you tap it on your screen or voice activate it! For instance, you can create themes like these:

  • "Spa Night": Enjoy a relaxing evening by automating the hot tub to a comfortable temperature, turning on landscape lights, and playing soothing music (start it on your way to work or activate it through geofence settings!).
  • "Vacation" Mode: Keep your pool clean while you're away by scheduling the pool cleaner work at specific intervals, ensuring a spotless pool upon your return. The pool pump can also run at lower speeds during off-peak hours for energy efficiency.
  • "Party" Themes: Create the perfect party atmosphere by programming the pool heater and hot tub, activating the water features, setting the landscape and pool lights to vibrant colors, and cueing upbeat music. All with one touch, making you the perfect host with minimal effort.

Smart pool automation not only provides convenience but also enhances your lifestyle, making every day feel like a vacation!

Other Cool Things

In addition to the features previously mentioned, there are even more cool things you can do with your automated pool system:

  • IFTTT (If This, Then That) Technology: This advanced feature allows you to automate your pool based on various triggers. For example, you can set your pool lights to turn on when you arrive home or schedule the pool or hot tub heater to activate when you leave work. This smart technology ensures your pool is ready when you are.
  • Voice Activation: Too relaxed to lift a finger? No problem. With voice activation, you can command your pool cleaner to start its cycle or activate the water features without touching a button. This feature also integrates with IFTTT, making your smart pool system even smarter!

With these features, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience and luxury, making your pool a truly smart part of your home.

Dive Into Luxury & Make a Splash!

People having a party at the pool with a cabana

Wow, who knew there was so much you could do with a smart pool? Now that's how you show off your luxury resort status! So, if you're ready to make a splash, our experts at Good Sounds are waiting for your call!

Remember, the sooner you call us as you plan your home or remodel, the more options you have, so don't wait to set up your consultation appointment today!