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7 Striking Reasons Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Smart Home [+1 Bonus!]

by Ann Ferguson

There are tons of technology to make your home life easier, especially with smart home automation. While you might think you can cobble a few smart devices together, you'd miss out on a true "smart" home and what it can do.

Smart home integration requires several steps and a complex setup to create a smooth working system. When you have a few devices, all you have is the ability to control a few aspects of your home — not the whole thing. So, while DIY-ing your smart home seems like a great idea, there are several reasons why you shouldn't!

1. Complex Home Installation

Professional doing a complex installation through the walls

You might think installing your smart home device by device is simpler, but it's quite the opposite. If your home has complex building materials like interior stone, radiant floor heating, or mirrored walls, getting those devices to connect wirelessly is challenging.

And some devices will require more wiring than anticipated, which means tearing up more walls. And if you mess up the first few times, you'll have an easier messier home installation, especially if you plan to install multiple devices.

Pro Tip: Our team will work with you to review what you want your smart home to do, and we'll plan the installation down to each wire!

2. Privacy and Security

You've undoubtedly heard that a smart home system will upgrade your security, and that's true of a fully automated system. But when you DIY with individual devices, you leave yourself more vulnerable to privacy and security flaws. For instance, some off-brand devices will store and sell your personal data or have hidden settings that leave you more vulnerable.

And when you set it up yourself, there's no guarantee that your network is secure enough to handle every device. However, when a professional (like our team) sets up your fully automated smart home, they'll secure your home (and your information!).

3. Programming Apps

Closeup of woman using smart home control panel

When you have multiple, singular smart devices, you have different apps for each. Each device will have its own system, which means there's a learning curve to figure out each one, and you'll have to program them individually. This makes it harder for all the devices to communicate; if they're incompatible, they might not speak to each other at all.

Not to mention, you'll also have to deal with separate remotes for each one!

Pro Tip: Professionals like us will set up a fully automated smart home system that works and communicates seamlessly and connects to a singular control. This control can be a separate control panel or a single app on your preferred smart devices!

4. Incomplete Systems

Another drawback of DIY-ing your smart home is that your system won't be complete, even if you have devices for every aspect of your home you wish to control. Instead, you'll have essential control functions, but none of the automation features that truly make for a more convenient and luxurious lifestyle.

For instance, you won't be able to set scenes like an "Away" mode that turns off the lights, locks the door, and lowers the thermostat when the system senses no one is home. Or set a "Home" mode that senses when you're close to home, immediately sets the thermostat running to your preferred temp, and turns on the porch lights if it's dark.

Pro Tip: If you're interested in a system you can tailor to your needs, contact our team! The sooner we hear from you, the better we can plan what you want your smart home to do for you!

5. Lack of Custom Options

Fancy home theater

The beauty of smart homes is that you can customize them to your needs — which isn't possible when you DIY. When you buy individual smart devices, you get the standard options from the manufacturer, so you can't customize them to your needs.

You can't get options like customized lifts to fit your TV, specify your outdoor audio setup, create a themed cinema room, or have a resort-worthy backyard complete with automated water features and screens.

Pro Tip: The earlier you contact our team, the more customized options we can give you, so always plan in advance!

6. Lower Home Aesthetic

Covered aperture speakers and smart window shades creating a unique home design

You might not think it, but DIY for your smart devices could ruin your home's aesthetic. With the individual devices, you'll have more difficulty hiding the wires and making the tech appear seamless. Instead, there'll be more obvious tech in your home décor that could ruin the vibes you want to go for. And if you don't install them right the first time, you'll have to deal with more holes in your walls and other installation damage.

When you hire professional custom integrators (like our team), we will wire everything discreetly and hide your tech when they're not in use so you can have the best of both tech and your home design.

7. Network Challenges

Did you know that smart devices work only as well as the network they're on? With a seamless network setup, you'll have minimal interruptions, which isn't likely if you try to connect everything yourself. And when you build out your smart system by device, it can put undue stress on your network and cause lagging, buffering, and network failures.

Pro Tip: Avoid network failures by getting our team to set up your smart home system from the start — we'll handle all the connection issues!

Bonus: The Labor

After all those challenges of DIY, the biggest one is the labor — doing it yourself is more complicated than you might think! You have to spend hours researching which devices to buy, how they work together (if they will work together), how to configure each device, wire the sensors, and connect them to the router.

Not to mention that installation could also involve pulling wire through crawlspaces, attics, or climbing up on the roof. But if you leave it to the professionals (aka us), we'll handle all the heavy lifting and plan the ideal places to get it done!

Pro Tip: If you're building a new home or remodeling your current one and want an automated smart home, contact us as soon as you start planning — the earlier we're involved, the easier the installation will be!

Leave it to Us!

While DIY-ing your smart home is tempting, you'd miss out on the actual benefits of a real automated smart home! One that you can control every aspect and fit your needs! So, don't miss out — contact our team at Good Sounds today to get started!

All you have to do is let us know what you want, and we'll devise a plan to customize your smart home to your needs!