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How Voice Control Can Maximize Your Smart Home

by Reyna Thomas

Voice control has gained huge popularity as a major function in electronic gadgets and has made its way from our smartphones to our automobiles and into gadgets all around our homes, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We can communicate, organize, and keep track of our everyday activities and routines with the aid of voice control. Plus, we can do a wide variety of useful tasks including, taking notes, providing news or weather updates, generating shopping lists, switching the TV channel, texting, or phoning contacts. Most smart home devices and appliances also feature voice control, allowing you to use voice commands to manage items like your smart thermostat and lighting.

With voice control at your disposal, you can maximize your smart home’s capabilities and make your life even easier!

voice-control speaker


One essential advantage of voice control is convenience. You can voice-manage any feature of your home automation system with only one accessory when using voice control.

Imagine arriving home in the dark after just returning from the grocery store with your hands full. But with voice commands, you can easily switch on the lights without having to juggle what you have in your hands!. And if you have a smart fridge, you can verbally create a note if you run out of milk and set up a notification reminder.

Voice control can especially help those who are elderly or disabled and have limited mobility as they can easily control any system that is hooked up to the home automation controller via their voice.

woman looking at refrigerator with voice recognition function

Home Security

Another benefit of voice control is how much it’ll improve your home’s security system and effectiveness. A voice control system can integrate with your surveillance cameras, alarm system, smart locks, and motion sensors, allowing you to keep a close eye on what's occurring on and around your property and effortlessly adjust what you need.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When your home is voice-connected, you can have excellent control over the little things like your energy use. Being able to manage your home's lights and temperature with your voice is not only handy, but it can also conserve energy and save household expenses. This will also make it simple for you to stay informed about the general climate in your house and make adjustments.

man gives a voice command to a smart home application on his smartphone

Enhanced Lifestyle

To make mornings easier, you might have set your motorized blinds to open at the same time as your alarm. Or the lights in the house turn on at a certain time in the evening.  However you set up your home automation, voice-control allows you to modify on the go instead of going into the app and adjusting the settings.

For instance, you might've forgotten to turn off your alarm on your time off from work. Don't worry; without having to get out of bed or fumbling for your phone, you can shut off your alarms for the whole week if you want with a simple command.

Plus, with AI offerings from certain companies, you can take your smart home to new heights by enabling every family member with a personalized and inclusive control platform. So, each family member has their own tailored settings and controls. This allows the use of compound commands so you can contextually adjust your surroundings, unlike with other voice-assistant programs. Best of all, it also has strong data security, so no one is peeping in on your life.

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Master of Your Universe

Most likely, there’s at least one voice control feature in your home that you're underutilizing. But it's worthwhile to explore and embrace voice control and all the ways it makes life simpler. So don’t wait; it’s time to be the master of your own smart home universe.

There are numerous voice-controlled options to pick from. So, if you need help finding the best option for your life and home, book a consultation with us! Good Sounds can help you create the smart home of your dreams. If you have any questions before your appointment, don't hesitate to give us a call!