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Why Smart Automation is Important & How it Can Work for You

by Ann Ferguson

No doubt you've heard about smart automation and how it can change your life. You just can't beat the convenience of having a connected home that lets you remotely control the lights, locks, thermostats, shades, lighting, etc. But even if you have all those smart devices available, what can you do with them?

Whatever comes to your mind! There is plenty you can do with your smart home system, and we'll show you precisely what that can be!

Light Up Your Home — Automatically!

Man installing stair lights

If you have smart lighting in your home, there's a lot you can do with it, especially when it works in tandem with other devices or motion sensors. This way, you can have your lights turn on during specific actions or at particular times. For example, you can:

  • Set a rule for your lights to turn on when your security alarm goes off to scare away possible intruders.
  • If you have a late schedule, have your lights turn on after punching in a specific code in your smart lock, lighting up the path to your bedroom, and automatically turning off!
  • Turn off the lights with a single tap on the app or create a timer around when everyone in your home goes to sleep.
  • Set up night lights to turn on whenever you get up in the night and keep them dim.
  • If you get up for work while it's still dark out, set it so your lights turn on and imitate the soft glow of sunrise to start your day better.

The more connected your home is, the more you can do with your smart lighting!

Breath of Fresh Air — Whenever!

When it comes to smart thermostats, there's more to it than simply programming your home's temperature. While fine-tuning when your HVAC system turns on is always helpful, you can also integrate it with your smoke detector or smart shades. This broadens your horizons, letting you do any of the following:

  • Sync your thermostat with your smoke detector, so it knows to turn off your HVAC system if it detects smoke and keeps the smoke from circulating in your home. Less chance of smoke inhalation!
  • Always know if the AC is running, even if you're not home, and turn it off remotely. Or set up a timer to get the AC or heater running before you get home from work.
  • Program your smart thermostat to turn off whenever your windows are open for more than 15 minutes to let in natural air.
  • Set it up so your smart thermostat is off when your smart shades are open to reduce your energy usage.

The more you use and adjust your thermostat, the more it learns and makes adjustments to suit your preferences!

Forgot to Lock Up? Don't Sweat It!

Dog walker leaving house with the dogs

If there is someone in your home that never remembers to lock up when they leave, smart locks are your savior! No more running to get to the house or asking your neighbor with the spare key to lock up for you — you can lock it yourself remotely and do so much more, like:

  • You can create unique lock codes for everyone, so you know who's home and don't have to worry about making multiple copies of your house keys — no more dealing with spare keys!
  • Make a temporary code for your dog walker that only works on certain days and times to reduce your security risk.
  • Expecting a package? Unlock the door and direct them where you want them to leave it using your connected home security system, smart lock, and video doorbell!
  • Set up a lock code that starts a series of actions in your home once you put it in, like turning on the lights, the thermostat, etc.

And if you don't like the look of a techno-gadget door lock, some manufacturers make smart locks that look like traditional locks that match your home’s style.

Be Everywhere at Once: From One Spot!

Living room with smart video in the background

Smart cameras work best when you have a smart security system. That way, you can monitor every camera using one interface. But regardless, having both indoor and outdoor smart cameras is the smart thing to do (pun intended!).

  • If you have kids remotely learning as you work from home, you can easily check if they're doing their homework with a tap of a button.
  • Do you have pets at home? Easily see what they're up to when you're away and finally crack down on who's responsible for the scratches on your sofa.
  • Have a big backyard for your kids, but you're busy working inside? Keep an eye on what your little ones are up to, and make sure they're playing safely!
  • Did your motion sensors lights kick on? Immediately see whether it was the neighborhood raccoons or an actual intruder.

Ding Dong — Who's There? See For Yourself!

Woman talking into video doorbell

Having a smart video doorbell is similar to having a butler that announces your visitors for you, except it's much quieter. And since most video doorbells have a two-way speaker, you don't have to be there yourself to talk to whoever is at your door. For instance, you can:

  • See exactly when your packages arrive and where they are left before you get home.
  • Scare off porch pirates by letting them know that you are recording them and what they're doing!
  • Screen your visitors without having to get close to the door and hoping they don't hear you. Now it'll be much easier pretending you're not home!
  • Provide video evidence to the police whenever you need it, especially if there is a neighborhood porch pirate. Those cameras can even catch bits of street traffic.

Safe As Houses — Literally!

Hand holding phone with smart security options

Home security systems help you feel safer in your home, but you can increase that feeling ten-fold with a smart security system! Other security systems often have false alarms because they can't tell the difference between a squirrel in the backyard and an actual burglar. But a smart security system goes the extra mile.

  • Set up when to lock up all your doors and windows for the night so you don't have to check them every night.
  • Get leakage signals from the sink or your home appliances and save your home from flooding. This is especially useful if you have a vacation home!
  • Remotely monitor your security cameras, locks, lighting, and other smart devices from your smart security hub on your phone or tablet.
  • Receive alerts if smoke or carbon monoxide goes off in your home when you're away.

Create Your Smart Home!

With smart home automation, there's so much you can do. And it's all centered to your exact needs and specifications! No more general settings for you!

Finally ready to make the switch to home automation? Set up a consultation appointment at Good Sounds today! Just show us what you like, and we'll do the rest!